ELN stands for “Emerging Leadership Network” and is literally a “network” of schools of ministry for college-age students—and Madison ELN is a part of the network. These diverse programs, based in Foursquare churches all around the country, have joined together to create transformational opportunities for young leaders. Each ELN program is based on a model of full-time, immersive training, designed to take students who are passionate about Jesus and the world, and help them become mission-ready disciples.

In an ELN school of ministry, students are engaged in 24-7 “immersion discipleship.” The military uses immersive training as well — it’s called boot camp — and it’s how they make soldiers out of civilians in a short, intense period of time. It’s also how Jesus prepared his disciples, taking a group of ordinary guys and developing them into world changers in a few, transformational years.

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Meet the Directors


Jay and Suzie have been directing Madison ELN for 6 years, and they have been the senior pastors of Chapel Valley Church since September 2015. Both Jay and Suzie have a desire to see young people trained up to walk boldly in their callings. They have three awesome kids: Micah, Samantha, and Isaac. Their day-to-day lives consist of ministry, baseball games, essential oils, Spongebob episodes, and lots of laughs with family and friends (& ELN grads and students!). The Genin household is constantly buzzing with activity and is always full of surprises. They live with their arms open, always ready for whatever life throws at them. Jay and Suzie are a unified and dynamic team, and they mentor in a way that invites students along for the ride! Click here to read more about their heart for Madison ELN.

Our Discipleship Model


1. “Head”—where spiritual understanding is formed. Classroom studies help students make the Word of God their foundation for life and ministry. Through instruction, dialog, debate, reading, personal study, memorization and meditation, students hone their understanding of what it means to be a rock-solid follower of Jesus and an effective minister of His grace.

2. “Hands”—where ministry skills are formed. One of the major elements of Madison ELN is its in-the-trenches approach to developing ministry skills. Students spend a great deal of time each week (often over 20 hours) serving in various ministry capacities within the church and out in the community. They are involved in up-front, public ministry and behind-the-scenes work as well.

3. “Heart”—where the ministering person is formed. The most important component of Madison ELN is the focus upon each student’s character and personal discipleship. Many colleges and internships focus heavily on “thinking” and “doing” but don’t concentrate on who the student is “becoming.” This is not the case with Madison ELN. On a near-daily basis, students are encouraged and challenged to move to new levels of faith and excellence in their private and public lives. This personal discipleship is facilitated by interaction with pastors, Madison ELN staff, Host-Families, and other leaders at our church. Discipleship also occurs as students learn to support one another and hold each other accountable.

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